Spring has sprung, providing sweet relief from cold and dreary winter months. Unfortunately, spring doesn’t just bring warmer days and blooming flora, but also seasonal allergies. The pollen prevalent in the air can lead to excessive sneezing, itching, watery eyes, dry mouth, and other symptoms.

No wonder spring cleaning is such a popular practice. Making your home as clean as possible is necessary to ensure you enjoy warmer weather instead of dealing with allergies. Take a look at some tips to make your home hypoallergenic.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Air filters in your HVAC unit do the job of trapping dust particles and purifying the air. Before running your air conditioner, make sure you remove and clean your air filters. If you’ve had the same filters for a while, you should consider replacing them.

Deep Clean Carpets

Carpets make interiors cozy and add texture. However, these soft furnishings are also notorious for accumulating dust. It would be best to hire a professional for carpet cleaning in Catonsville. Skip the hassle and let an expert for carpet cleaning in Catonsville, MD deep clean your carpets and effectively remove dust particles.

Dust with Microfiber Cloth

Regular dusting rags are not enough to effectively eliminate dust from your home. Instead, go for microfiber cloths that do a much better job. In particular, make sure you are wiping every surface in your bedroom once a day or every other day.

Remove Your Shoes

Shoes bring so much dust and grime inside. It’s you are susceptible to allergies, you should think about a no-shoes house. Don’t worry about what visitors will think. Removing shoes before entering someone’s home is not a major inconvenience.

Manage Humidity

Too much humidity can lead to mold infestation, while too little humidity can make the air dry. Make sure you have the right devices such as a dehumidifier to control indoor humidity.

Pick Blinds Over Fabric Curtains

Similar to carpets, fabric curtains trap dust and other particles. Replace fabric curtains with blinds to minimize dust.

Stay Consistent

No matter how careful you are about closing windows and taking off your shoes, your home can’t remain dust-free for long without cleaning. Understandably, not everyone enjoys cleaning like Monica Gellar. But if you stay consistent and do a little bit every day, it won’t seem like a Herculean task.

Choose All-Natural Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaning products may contain irritants that set off your allergies. For your and your family’s health, we would recommend switching all-natural and toxic-free cleaning products. These are not only better for health but are also good for the environment.

Control Pet Dander

Do you allow your pet to sleep in your bed? While this is a sweet gesture, it’s not the best for your allergies. Pet dander can trigger your allergies and make symptoms worse. In addition to making them sleep in a separate bed, you should keep up with a regular grooming routine to minimize dander. Also, always keep a lint roller to remove pet hair from clothes and upholstery.