It’s important to accept that cleaning can be challenging because of the amount of dedicated attention.

Don’t worry; with a bit of determination and appropriate supplies, you can ensure that you aren’t working harder than required.

With the right tools on hand, all it takes is some deep breathing and peace of mind to help minimize the time dedicated to cleaning up your deck yourself.

Sometimes it feels like you’re still on cleaning duty when you hit the hay later that night. This is why we want to point out an easy way to make your cleaning and scrubbing tasks a little more bearable and quick. Have you ever considered hiring cleaners for some time? These experts do everything from ceramic tile cleaning to upholstery cleaning.

So since the burden will be shared among two or more people, there’s no reason not to hire an extra pair(s) of hands now and again.

But for now, we will give you simple ways you can get done with some of the job yourself that too in half the time! Let’s go.

Have A Routine

Every agreeable habit needs a routine to be followed. If you want to form a good habit in-home cleaning department, consider creating a routine for yourself. The process is simple: do the same thing every time you clean.

For example, you start by mopping from the living room to the bedroom, finishing up each clean. It’s crucial that you always follow the same route and stick with your routine – otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and energy!

Having a routine will help instill order into your life and keep you “running” rather than walking throughout your cleaning chores. It will result in an increase in speed without spending half as much time as you previously did!

Clean Top To Bottom, Left To Right

You wipe down the coffee table and start cleaning the blinds only to see that the dust from the blinds now is on your previously cleaned coffee table. Ugh! We have been there, haven’t we?

So always start with the top and work your way down. It’s best to avoid any redundant or superfluous work. It’s better to start from left to right instead of doing a zig-zag across a room as if you’ll go side to side. You might miss parts of your home that need tidying up.

Keep Proper Tools Ready

Having all the right supplies to clean conveniently means you’ll save time looking back and forth for things when you need them.

Wearing an apron or carpenter belt with pockets helps keep cleaning solutions close at hand while reducing your time spent walking around.

If you’re curious about how to fit many cleaning products into small pockets, try smaller spray bottles. You can also place supplies in a caddy that can quickly be wheeled around to any area needing attention.

Dust It

Dusters are great for getting into the nooks and crannies of things like art or picture frames.

Looking for a feather duster that also has a straight handle so that it can fit into a back pocket is ideal. This will let you always have one on hand when doing a heavier cleanup job.

But remember, with most dusters, you’ll need to use them more for light build-up, or else a vacuum is typically better for deeper cleaning.


It’s always a good idea to clean your house regularly. A clean home is less likely to develop germs or cause allergies. Not only that, but you can relax better if your living space is tidy. We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to clean your house not only fast but efficiently.