Today we talk about how to clean the stains on the carpet, with natural solutions.Having carpets can be something decorative and comfortable, but care and cleanliness are not always something pleasant.

While keeping carpets clean will depend on several factors, for example if we have children, pets or the amount of people living in the house, it is almost impossible to avoid stains on the carpet.Very often I find myself looking on the web solutions to clean the different stains on the carpet, occasioned most of the time, by the smallest in the house. It’s that there are times when we did not detect the moment something spilled and stained the carpet, and that’s where the problem lies. That’s why I decided to collect natural and effective solutions for some of the most common spots, and thus avoid the use of toxic products.


Natural Solutions To Clean Stains On The Carpet

To Remove Old stains: Prepare a solution with: 1 cup of hot water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of detergent. With a cloth moistened in this solution the stain is worked without scrubbing. With another rag the excess moisture is removed and allowed to dry.

Wine stains: With an absorbent towel remove excess wine. It is then moistened with sparkling water and the excess is removed with another dry cloth. Vacuum and allow to dry.

Another solution if the stain is red wine, after absorbing it with paper it is necessary to moisten with white wine, to dry with a rag. Then wipe another piece of damp cloth with cold water to remove traces of wine. Dry again with another cloth and vacuum.

Oxidizing Stains: Clean with lemon juice , salt and baking soda, leave to act, dry with a clean rag. Repeat if necessary.

Crayola Stains: Place a double sheet of paper and iron the warm iron. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Remove Chewing Gum: Use an ice cube to freeze the gum, so it will peel smoothly.

Ink Stains: Use milk at room temperature and kitchen detergent. Alternate by wiping a dry cloth and a damp cloth in this solution. Another way is with a rag wet with alcohol.

Stains of Tea, Coffee or Yerba Mate: After removing the excess with a cloth, it is moistened with a sponge and applied cornstarch, It is rubbed gently and allowed to dry. Vacuuming. Blood Stains: The above method is applied for tea or coffee.

Oil, Grease or Butter Stains: Apply a layer of Vaseline on the stain, remove the excess. Then we placed a double sheet of paper and passed the warm iron. Repeat and if necessary clean with water and lemon juice.

steam cleaning

General Advice:

  • If some liquid is spilled or something solid falls, such as food, a solution of water, bicarbonate and detergent most of the time if used immediately works.
  • The first thing to do when the accident happens is to act fast, and with a towel absorb whatever has been spilled on the carpet.
  • Never scrub, to avoid spreading the stain.
  • It is advisable to vacuum before cleaning the stain.
  • After removing the excess of what was spilled proceed to cleaning.
  • Hot air (eg, the hair dryer) should NOT be used to dry carpets as this may damage the fibers.
  • After cleaning the vacuum cleaner will help the fibers to return to their normal position, to dry faster and not to be damaged.
  • To brighten the colors, sprinkle the carpet with fine salt, let it act for a couple of hours and pass the vacuum cleaner. (Salt absorbs moisture and removes stains).
  • Always use to clean cloths or rags of white color, thus avoiding to transfer the color of the rag to the carpet in case it fades.
  • Before using any cleaner, test in a small area to make sure it will not damage the carpet.
  • It is important to read the label on the carpet to know what type of fabric or material it is.
  • In all cases after using some of the solutions to clean the carpet, it should be rinsed with a rag moistened with water, to remove any remainder of the product used.